Legal representation that is …INTELLIGENT

Legal representation that is …COMMITTED

Legal representation that is …FEARLESS


Engaging in business brings risk. The more business you conduct, the riskier business becomes. A businessperson incurs risk of liability in contracts, for products and services, for product safety, as a property owner or lessor, as an employer, or as a fiduciary to fellow business owners.

We help mitigate that risk by advising clients as business relationships are formed. And when a client business is threatened with legal action, we stand ready to protect the client through a strategic litigation process.


Doctors, lawyers, optometrists, utility companies, telephone companies, funeral directors, automobile dealers, nursing care companies, trucking companies, taxi companies … why have they all used our services? Because all are regulated by government agencies. And all have been summoned to participate in agency administrative proceedings where their business plans, and sometimes the business itself, is placed at jeopardy.

We’ve provided counsel and successful representation before various administrative boards and agencies that regulate these industries.


Now more than ever, federal and state laws and administrative regulations are criminalizing what used to be ordinary business behavior. Violations of these criminal laws invoke a draconian system of procedures that is complex and intense. And the consequences can be devastating – adverse publicity, business interruption, confiscation of business property, fines and even prison.

We counsel clients to help them avoid unwitting criminal violations. And when visited with criminal charges, we fight through the criminal process to keep our business clients free and their businesses intact.