About the Firm

The Keyser Firm was started by Gregory A. Keyser, a veteran of the business litigation departments of two large regional law firms that litigated on behalf of some of the country’s largest corporations. While serving as a regional managing partner for one firm, Mr. Keyser saw first-hand how, in many cases, competent large firms weren’t adapted to prosecute or defend some of their clients’ most critical litigation. Sometimes critical litigation posed a conflict of interest or required a firm member to testify, sometimes familiar legal counsel lacked detachment necessary for objective and forceful client dealings, sometimes litigation threatened the existing advisor/client relationships, or sometimes the litigation raised untenable financial or social risk for a law firm.

In those cases, perhaps more than in any other, a client requires intelligent, committed and fearless counsel. The Keyser Firm was formed to serve those clients.

Mr. Keyser has represented business clients, large and small, in some of their most critical proceedings in more than 25 states and U.S. territories. While these engagements usually result in a fast bond, the nature of the litigation relationship is temporary, and many clients never see The Keyser Firm again. Often the engagement is prompted by a client’s longstanding legal representative and, when that is the case, The Keyser Firm is careful to protect the client’s important relationship with its other counsel.

Please contact The Keyser Firm if you are in need of intelligent, committed and fearless litigation representation, for yourself or for a client.