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In these representative cases, Mr. Keyser:

  • On behalf of a publicly traded homebuilding company, successfully prosecuted claims to dissolve $12,000,000 in contracts to purchase building lots.
  • On behalf of law firm, successfully vacated a $6,000,000 malpractice settlement based on undisclosed bias by the trial judge, leading to termination of the judge and disbarment of several attorneys.
  • Successfully represented 400 plaintiffs victimized by a Ponzi scheme through the sale of bonds, and recovered $2,600,000 in funds seized by the United States government.
  • On behalf of the management of a company, successfully defended against class action claims of fraud in administering employee benefit plans and overvaluing stock used to fund an ERISA plan.
  • Successfully defended a publicly traded high-tech company accused of misrepresentation in a securities offering, and secured a monetary sanction of $94,000 against the Plaintiff’s class counsel.
  • Enforced a $6,000,000 contract for the sale of a private healthcare company and successfully defended against counterclaims for fraud.
  • Successfully defended a physician practice charged with freezing out an owner, and successfully secured a judgment of $150,000 on counterclaims.
  • Successfully prosecuted a rigging company’s claim for $250,000 in unpaid fees and defeated $2,500,000 counterclaim alleging negligent work.
  • Defended a car dealer charged with racketeering in connection with allegedly fraudulent warranty and service charges.
  • Successfully prosecuted a prominent country singer/songwriter for misrepresentation when selling the assets of a song publishing company.
  • Successfully defended a convention and visitors bureau against claims of monopolization of an essential facility and drafted legislation for new municipal convention center booking policies.
  • Planned and implemented a nationwide litigation strategy to challenge regulatory impediments to the business model for eyeglass manufacturer.